This Week In the NFL

Buffalo Bills  7-2    @ Cardinals 11/15, vs Chargers 11/29, @49ers 12/07
Miami Dolphins   5-3   vs Chargers 11/15, @Broncos 11/22, @Jets 11/29

Indianapolis Colts   6-3   vs Packers 11/22, vs Titans 11/29, @Texans 12/06
Tennessee Titans   6-3   @Ravens 11/22, @Colts 11/29, vs Browns 12/06

Pittsburgh Steelers 8-0    vs Bengals 11/15, @ Jaguars 11/22, vs Ravens 11/26
Baltimore Ravens 6-2     @ Patriots 11/16, vs Titans 11/22, @ Steelers 11/27
Cleveland Browns 5-3    vs Texans 11/15, vs eagles 11/22, @ Jaguars 11/29

Kansas city Chiefs 8-1   @Raiders 11/23, @ Bucs 11/29, vs Broncos 12/07
Las Vegas Raiders 5-3   vs Broncos 11/15, vs Chiefs 11/23, @ Falcons 11/29

Philadelphia Eagles 3-4-1   @ Giants 11/15, @ Browns 11/22, vs Seahawks 11/30

New Orleans Saints 6-2   vs 49ers 11/15, vs Falcons 11/22, @ Broncos 11/29
Tampa Bay Bucs 5-3   @ Panthers 11/15, vs Rams 11/23,  vs Chiefs 11/29

Green Bay Packers 6-2  vs Jaguars 11/15, @ Colts 11/22, vs Bears 11/30
Chicago Bears 5-4   vs Vikings 11/16, @ Packers 11/29, vs Lions 12/06

Seattle Seahawks 6-2  @ Rams 11/15, vs Cardinals 11/19, @ Eagles 11/30
Arizona Cardinals 5-3  vs Bills 11/16, @ Seahawks 11/20. @ Patriots 11/30
Los Angeles Rams 5-3  vs Seahawks 11/15, @ Bucs 11/23, vs 49ers 11/29

No Mistake

Say what you want about the reason for Iran to launch missiles at Iraqi and Americans at an Air Force Base. The reason for it may be multiple pushed over by a killing of an Iranian General.

Iran wanted quick and swift retaliation against the U.S. However it comes at the expense of Iraq. All of the violence directed from Iran was received in Iraq.

Thus the missiles that launched at the U.S. Forces didn’t hit a single one. However that same time saw an airliner completely destroyed. Everyone on the aircraft is dead.

Iran claims of accident and all the excuses has led the huge crowds of Iranian and Iraqi people being united is ousting the U.S. from Iraq. In an instant those thoughts have switched. The lives of the tormented and tormentors in each of those countries aren’t foreign to the ones who live within the middle east borders. However for Americans you can’t understand a vacuum that will exist once America has deserted the area.

As for the plane. The missile has coordinates and must be sent to the target. You don’t just lob them in a general direction. I think this explanation that it was a plane headed for some military asset is a lie. The planes at an airport or airbase take off 24/7 everyday. There is no chance that they got this wrong. Maybe they targeted to miss the plane and hit somewhere else but the fact is someone was at the controls and fired the missile that killed all those people. And someone right now is the one who gave the command to fire. It’s no accident.

Oh by the way the missiles meant to take out U.S. forces combined with Iraqi’s didn’t suffer any casualties. They launched all those missiles. C’mon man they missed on purpose. All those rounds meant to do what it did. But it was to send a message and give a way for the countries involved to get back to negotiations. Had they killed a huge number of Americans it wouldn’t have stopped. Tehran would be under war and with Trump and the helm it wouldn’t have taken long for the rest of Congress and the Senate to agree. The higher the death toll the larger the response.

Iran certainly missed on purpose. Meaning they control the shot. Why not against a civilian aircraft? They knew it was what they shot down. Now don’t get me wrong in the coming days or weeks. They might find a scapegoat in the military the person who they will send to take the responsibility could be the actual person who fired the missile, it could be a commander who gave the order and overstepped his boundary. Or it could be someone they just pick to take the blame. Remember scandal at the National or Country level is easily controlled from the government through sources and agencies.

California State Football Championship

St John Bosco will meet De La Salle. So what else is new. Every year since the creation of the State Football Playoffs in 2005 De La Salle has never missed making the final game.

However De La Salle hasn’t won a championship in the last two years and this being the third year maybe it’s time for them to win one. They last time the faced Bosco they were beaten badly. This time it might be the same. But one thing is certain De La Salle is the best high school football team from up North.

But the Southern Section of the CIF has the most powerful teams and compete in the most dominant group of teams when in the playoffs.

Saturday we’ll see if De La Salle can finally return to winning the championship or will they end up losing a third straight title game?

One More Chance

Colin Kaepernick is riding a long time being retired from the NFL. Of course it wasn’t his decision to no longer be employed. He basically got black-balled from the league for the kneeling during the anthem as did a lot of NFL players who coincidentally after performing a similar act no longer find themselves employed although the reasons will very from player to player.

Kaepernick now has a chance to show his skills in front of 24 teams. I would call this his best chance to return. But as these workouts seem to happen every other few years the results remain with him sidelined and unable to play. At 32 years old Kaepernick isn’t getting any younger. You have to play to keep your skills. Only game experience is needed and doesn’t measure to throwing to random guys or doing workouts.

If Kaepernick gets back who will be the team that let’s him back. Is the ban really lifted or is this just a set up photo and story op that no matter what he does no team is going to take him. NFL loyalty between ownership is very tight. Kaep has no chance is the owners don’t want him back in to play.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see if he can return and have some on field success. Just football no politics or side show antics. Just leading a team to the playoffs and maybe even the Super Bowl.

Loss Dodgers

The Dodgers have ended the season with a big thud! The season again is a bust for Dave Roberts and his team. Now will Roberts be forced out by Dodger management? Did Roberts really mean to put Clayton Kershaw in the game with 3 innings to go?

Dave Roberts hasn’t missed the playoffs since being made the manager. He’s made pitching moves that fans would suspect aren’t very smart. Any time you put Kershaw in the post season he has struggled. No one will dispute that.

Dodgers organization made the change after Colleti was gone. The team went to the use of analytics. How is Roberts influenced by that and does he even get the final say in which pitchers he uses and players he uses in a game is a mystery. I don’t think Roberts has the final say in it. But if your the guy making all the money and a boss says put someone in. You put the guy in and keep making the money.

If this is the case the Dodgers will continue to employ Roberts and use Kershaw every season. Kershaw is still valuable and he’s so different in the regular season. Who else could they get who can eat up wins in the regular season and get great performances in the post season.

Dodgers fan base feel a let down because of the first round exit by there team. However once the season begins again the faithful Dodgers fans will be back at it.

The Hunter COTW Yukon Valley

I wanted to experiment before I said anything about this map.

But now I know. I’ve died a few times now without being able to hear or see anything that attacked me.

I do see a call prior to dying but after scoping the area out it appears to be clear. However if this is what the creators of the game wanted it’s not what I expect.

I don’t know if it’s because the animal is there but I can’t see it. But it really doesn’t make me happy about this 8 dollar purchase.

I hope if anyone else has this problem they’ll inform the creators to fix this immediately.

When the wolves attack and are aggressive I know that’s part of the game,
When the grizzly bear runs around like a train that’s part of the game.
But being killed in the crimson brush every time. It’s not good.

Hawaiian Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman has said one of the hardest good-byes you ever have to say. He is grieving and everyone that knows him will know just what type of man he is. His wife Beth just passed away.

But for these people they have brought a ton of excitement to a lot of people who followed them as they went around spreading their aloha and also justice in the island of Hawaii.

But now with Beth gone what do they do with the filming that focused on Beth and her fight against cancer. Now that she is no longer here what will the direction of the show be?

For me I think that the Dog should make a memorial to her and his life together not just the end but how they lived. They could get all the family and associates. Maybe some of the arrested people who saw her and take a trip in the life of her.

What was she in Colorado? Was she the youngest bounty hunter in the state? Why bounty hunter. There are pictures and clips of the past along with thoughts of family and friends that could tell the family story.

This story while she is gone continues with the lives that are left behind and the future they see ahead.

Dog could probably use some Hawaiian traditions mixed in with his voice to do segments. The interviews right now will be raw and griping. They could add footage from the old series and the new one.

This has been done in the past for all the celebrities that have gone. I think of Bruce Lee he had many films and movies depicting his life but none was close to Shannon Lee talking about her father along with all the people who knew him.

No matter. I don’t think Duane Dog Chapman will ever read this post. But bruddah I hope for you to have health and healing. Each day is scattered with darkness with tears and a few glimpses of joy. May those glimpses of joy evolve into days and weeks of it. To your family the steps after this event in your lives are the heaviest to bear. But know this many people are around that are willing to support each and every one of you.

Lakers Gamble

When Dr. Buss was the owner of the team no one heard of mistakes during the off season. But let’s be honest back then most players played the entire career in one place. Now it’s not so.

A story I read about the deal that brought Anthony Davis from the Pelicans to the Lakers had a time clause on it. I mean when the Lakers did the deal hurt them from saving huge sums of money. So why did this happen?

You can’t blame anyone except the ownership for making this huge mistake. To me this doesn’t make much sense from a business standpoint. The Lakers owner Jeanie Buss will be asked about this mistake and Rob Pelinka was the one who is sitting in the position of taking the criticism.

Why did Buss hire someone who doesn’t understand the cap rules in the NBA? And not to throw it all on Pelinka but doesn’t everyone in the organization talk to each other before a major deal is done. Just like any huge business decision before making it.

It just makes no sense. But we’ll see what exactly happened and why.


We are all influenced by people and stories. We all grow up hearing about heroes whether it’s on television or actual people who are around us. We make choices everyday for ourselves and sometimes for others.

Zion Wade has made a choice that many don’t feel he should have made. Same sex love is something that use to stay hidden and never really came out. The closet was torn down but has it really disappeared?

Zion is a pre teen he must have it hard in school. You know they’re bullying him maybe not physically but verbally. He’s hearing all of the whispers behind his back. And now with him supporting a Pride parade others will surely take the evil and nasty attitude and let him know it.

But Zion has a father and step mother who have come to join him as support. Dwayne Wade is recognized as a hero because of his efforts in the NBA. Gabrielle Union is also a hero figure to many.

But because your acting or playing a kids game for a lot of money doesn’t necessarily bring the most out of you and because you do it yourself that doesn’t have any qualities of selflessness that being a hero has.

But Dwayne and Gabrielle put on the super suit of parenthood that many families around the world do every day and went out to support someone they love. Of course in this world Wade suffered negative comments. I don’t know how but I do know why. Wade and Union never did this to get recognized or receive awards. They did it like if someone threw a grenade on the ground and they both jumped on it. The explosive situation is now covered by all of them as a family.

What more can parents do then what they did.

Make Up Your Mind

First I remember a story about the Lakers and how they’re not building a team to win a championship. How they didn’t acquire enough players when LeBron James came to the team.

After the year the talk was free agency and how the Lakers will not be in the market for any big free agent signings this season.

Now that they deal for Anthony Davis a story says the Lakers shouldn’t compile a team with monster superstars and my question is this. No matter what all the experts say it doesn’t matter what they say. All that matters is the Lakers organization and the people who will make the decisions is what is real.

There are stories that are created from words of dreams and speculations made up in the minds of creative people who fabricate all kinds of scenarios but looking through all the smoke and fantasy you’ve got to pick out what is real. The Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis and the players that are under contract with the team through this season and beyond.

The Lakers who are followed by reporters and people who have information that comes from sources that are involved in making the deals then that information should be confirmed. If it’s not it’s only speculation.