The Hunter COTW Yukon Valley

I wanted to experiment before I said anything about this map.

But now I know. I’ve died a few times now without being able to hear or see anything that attacked me.

I do see a call prior to dying but after scoping the area out it appears to be clear. However if this is what the creators of the game wanted it’s not what I expect.

I don’t know if it’s because the animal is there but I can’t see it. But it really doesn’t make me happy about this 8 dollar purchase.

I hope if anyone else has this problem they’ll inform the creators to fix this immediately.

When the wolves attack and are aggressive I know that’s part of the game,
When the grizzly bear runs around like a train that’s part of the game.
But being killed in the crimson brush every time. It’s not good.


Hawaiian Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman has said one of the hardest good-byes you ever have to say. He is grieving and everyone that knows him will know just what type of man he is. His wife Beth just passed away.

But for these people they have brought a ton of excitement to a lot of people who followed them as they went around spreading their aloha and also justice in the island of Hawaii.

But now with Beth gone what do they do with the filming that focused on Beth and her fight against cancer. Now that she is no longer here what will the direction of the show be?

For me I think that the Dog should make a memorial to her and his life together not just the end but how they lived. They could get all the family and associates. Maybe some of the arrested people who saw her and take a trip in the life of her.

What was she in Colorado? Was she the youngest bounty hunter in the state? Why bounty hunter. There are pictures and clips of the past along with thoughts of family and friends that could tell the family story.

This story while she is gone continues with the lives that are left behind and the future they see ahead.

Dog could probably use some Hawaiian traditions mixed in with his voice to do segments. The interviews right now will be raw and griping. They could add footage from the old series and the new one.

This has been done in the past for all the celebrities that have gone. I think of Bruce Lee he had many films and movies depicting his life but none was close to Shannon Lee talking about her father along with all the people who knew him.

No matter. I don’t think Duane Dog Chapman will ever read this post. But bruddah I hope for you to have health and healing. Each day is scattered with darkness with tears and a few glimpses of joy. May those glimpses of joy evolve into days and weeks of it. To your family the steps after this event in your lives are the heaviest to bear. But know this many people are around that are willing to support each and every one of you.

Lakers Gamble

When Dr. Buss was the owner of the team no one heard of mistakes during the off season. But let’s be honest back then most players played the entire career in one place. Now it’s not so.

A story I read about the deal that brought Anthony Davis from the Pelicans to the Lakers had a time clause on it. I mean when the Lakers did the deal hurt them from saving huge sums of money. So why did this happen?

You can’t blame anyone except the ownership for making this huge mistake. To me this doesn’t make much sense from a business standpoint. The Lakers owner Jeanie Buss will be asked about this mistake and Rob Pelinka was the one who is sitting in the position of taking the criticism.

Why did Buss hire someone who doesn’t understand the cap rules in the NBA? And not to throw it all on Pelinka but doesn’t everyone in the organization talk to each other before a major deal is done. Just like any huge business decision before making it.

It just makes no sense. But we’ll see what exactly happened and why.


We are all influenced by people and stories. We all grow up hearing about heroes whether it’s on television or actual people who are around us. We make choices everyday for ourselves and sometimes for others.

Zion Wade has made a choice that many don’t feel he should have made. Same sex love is something that use to stay hidden and never really came out. The closet was torn down but has it really disappeared?

Zion is a pre teen he must have it hard in school. You know they’re bullying him maybe not physically but verbally. He’s hearing all of the whispers behind his back. And now with him supporting a Pride parade others will surely take the evil and nasty attitude and let him know it.

But Zion has a father and step mother who have come to join him as support. Dwayne Wade is recognized as a hero because of his efforts in the NBA. Gabrielle Union is also a hero figure to many.

But because your acting or playing a kids game for a lot of money doesn’t necessarily bring the most out of you and because you do it yourself that doesn’t have any qualities of selflessness that being a hero has.

But Dwayne and Gabrielle put on the super suit of parenthood that many families around the world do every day and went out to support someone they love. Of course in this world Wade suffered negative comments. I don’t know how but I do know why. Wade and Union never did this to get recognized or receive awards. They did it like if someone threw a grenade on the ground and they both jumped on it. The explosive situation is now covered by all of them as a family.

What more can parents do then what they did.

Make Up Your Mind

First I remember a story about the Lakers and how they’re not building a team to win a championship. How they didn’t acquire enough players when LeBron James came to the team.

After the year the talk was free agency and how the Lakers will not be in the market for any big free agent signings this season.

Now that they deal for Anthony Davis a story says the Lakers shouldn’t compile a team with monster superstars and my question is this. No matter what all the experts say it doesn’t matter what they say. All that matters is the Lakers organization and the people who will make the decisions is what is real.

There are stories that are created from words of dreams and speculations made up in the minds of creative people who fabricate all kinds of scenarios but looking through all the smoke and fantasy you’ve got to pick out what is real. The Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis and the players that are under contract with the team through this season and beyond.

The Lakers who are followed by reporters and people who have information that comes from sources that are involved in making the deals then that information should be confirmed. If it’s not it’s only speculation.

KD is Injured

Kevin Durant tried to help his team by coming back. Was it worth it? He is injured with a possible torn achillies and will join 6 other basketball players who had the same injury.

Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Wesley Matthews, Dominique Wilkins, Patrick Ewing, and Demarcus Cousins.

All of these players never returned to what type of player they had been. Why these players? Most of these players are the primary scoring source for their team. Why is this injury because the achillies tendon in all of them became so tight that it just snapped? How do you prevent this? Is it training, nutrition. We are so gifted in technological advancement isn’t there a way to make sure players are well enough to play.

Kevin Durant choose to take the court. No one pushed him to go out there. He was pushed by what all of us are peer pressure. The thought of being one who helps his team remain in the championship. But now blame is released upon the entire organization.

We all push ourselves. Sometimes we go beyond what we should do. But the responsibility has to go to all of us. We know that KD didn’t want to be in this position today. But if you ask him about him playing in the game knowing he’d be injured his answer would probably be I’m in.

UCLA Success

How did UCLA manage to beat the number 1 team in the nation?

You know Bruins softball has always been a place that never settled for just making the regional or super regional. The program where the championships stood at 11 for so long.

Sue Enquist handed the reins of the team to basically two people. Kelly Inouye-Perez and Lisa Fernandez. She installed all the knowledge and fundamentals into these two alumni. She departed as the Coach with the most National Championships.

For Fernandez and Perez they followed the teachings of Enquist. UCLA came up short every season for the past 8 years until this season. Fernandez and Perez would tell you that it’s just not believing but it’s doing it. You can’t get runners on without skills. Those skills and the techniques they came up with probably have nothing to do with the old coach.

However every year I know the two coaches put their heads together and had a to improve list ready to execute. They made it to 4 straight WCWS and last year was the pinnacle of disappointment for the team and coaching staff having moved into the winners bracket and losing two games against Florida State.

But you’re measured by how you come back. You can only go forward if you get up and move on. So UCLA coming into this season has improved itself. The physical had to be improved. The skills of bunting and moving runners over. The art of running the bases and avoiding the tag at home. The ability to hit spots for the pitchers.

But no matter how much innovation you have to plan for your team to become better during practice you’ve got show out during games.

UCLA 5th trip in a row to the WCWS was no different then any other. UCLA first obstacle came during the regional. Missouri has beaten UCLA in the past and eliminating them. UCLA won the first game 9-1 a run ruled Missouri. Easy right! Wrong Missouri came back and won 5-1. UCLA left no doubt in the 3rd game 13-1 (5).

UCLA moved on to the Super Regional and faced James Madison (JMU).
UCLA took JMU down 6-1 and 7-2 to advance to the WCWS.

First game UCLA took down Minnesota 7-2.

The next game was to be in the same position they had been in a year ago. But the opponent was a Pac-12 rival. Arizona. They have a potent line-up with home run hitters throughout. UCLA defeated Arizona 6-2.

UCLA takes the field against another Pac-12 opponent Washington.
Washington and UCLA battled scoreless until the 10th inning when Rachel Garcia hit a 3 run walk-off home run to get UCLA to the championship series.

Oklahoma the number one team in the nation. They won the last 2 out of the last 3 years and currently UCLA of this decade. They’ve been number 1 for a reason. But the first game came down to a 3 error inning and UCLA never looked back in this game winning 16-3.

Oklahoma will never give up. No team that is any good with the game close would ever believe it’s over as long as they can send hitters to the plate. Garcia has 2 outs in the top of the 7th and Knighten hits a game tying home run 4-4. UCLA comes up and Kinsley Washington hit allows Prober to score from 2nd as she avoided the tag from the catcher.

So how did UCLA manage to beat Oklahoma.
G. Juarez is a feared pitcher by most teams.
UCLA had faced Juarez when she was at Arizona St.
Fernandez, Perez, and Kirk Walker came up with a plan that the team executed. How to pitch to Oklahoma (except shay knighten).

The biggest change I saw over the years is the ability of this team to score runs and answer opponents who score against them.

Bruins Walk Off

It was the top of the 7th Rachel Garcia has two out and up to the plate is Shay Knighten. Knighten the senior who has suffered from the knee injuries. But she had no problem tying the game 4-4 giving the Sooners a chance to stay in this game and force extra innings.

Jacqui Prober was on 1st moved on to 2nd from a wild pitch. Kinsley Washington punches the ball to the outfield. Prober was so smart when the throw came in had she ran straight she would’ve been out. Her slide, Washington hit and the Bruins claim the 12th Softball title.

This ends the Pac-12 drought since 2010 and ends what was an exciting finish to this season. Oklahoma has 6 seniors leaving with 2 titles in 4 years. It also gives the Bruins Rachel Garcia a National Title. Since the Olympics are next season she might not be available for UCLA.

But first let’s give Perez and Fernandez the two who have been among the staff since they were players. What a joy for them to break through and get a championship with this 2019 version of UCLA.

A lot of work and fight went into this season for all the teams but UCLA who shocked me with the lop-sided win. Then to come back and trade punches with one of the scariest line-ups to face to not give up any runs against. UCLA came with the tools to sustain a run that was stalled just a year ago. This team had offense and defense. They put up runs when they needed it. Garcia did all she could. It was a total team effort. Bruins even went to small ball.

Congrats to the Bruins looking forward to 2020 softball season. If Garcia chooses the National Team over UCLA then I know Perez and Fernandez will get the pitching staff and hitters ready for another Pac-12 season and WCWS run.

UCLA One More

Tonight UCLA took the field against Oklahoma and scored in the first inning. Aaliyah Jordan home run made it 1-0. Shay Knighten tied the game in the 2nd 1-1. UCLA scored in every inning except the 2nd inning. In the 3rd, 4th and 5th inning UCLA put up 4 runs making the score 5-1 when Oklahoma came up in the 5th inning. Garcia shut them out from scoring in the bottom of the 5th.

However in the 6th the Sooners allowed 6 runs in the inning and the score was 11-1. By the end of the game the score was 16-3.

What UCLA takes away from this game is the meeting that both teams had earlier in the season when UCLA beat Oklahoma 7-1 is that G. Juarez didn’t pitch in that game. They still was able to score multiple runs in that game. In this game they scored at least one run per inning. They’ll need the same production tomorrow.

Against Juarez the Bruins scored 4 runs in 4 innings. Garcia gave up 1 run in 6 innings.

Garcia faced Lopez and no G Juarez in the earlier game and gave up 4 hits 1 run and 15 strikeouts. The reason UCLA didn’t have any strikeouts in this game was Patti Gasso learned that the Oklahoma hitters stayed away from swinging against the rise ball like in the first game earlier this season.

UCLA got the plan right in game one. But can they do it again tomorrow. G. Juarez will again be in the circle if the Bruins want to win they’ll have to continue sitting on the same pitches she threw them in this game.

UCLA pitcher Rachel Garcia got some additional rest she wasn’t expecting. After having to throw 179 pitches vs Washington. She got to rest after 62 pitches in the first game of this series.

Oklahoma will be asked not to swing against the rise ball pitches of Garcia. But if Oklahoma gets pressured by trailing in the next game because they have to win in order force another game. This could help Garcia causing some of the Sooners to swing when they stayed patient in this game.

Nothing is a sure thing tomorrow for UCLA. They’ll have to be able to get scores and answer when the Sooners score. Bruins 1 step away from what they did in 2010.

Warriors or Raptors

The NBA finals and all the talk that was spent celebrating and raving about the Raptors win in game one has now gone silent.

The Warriors win game 2. Stephen A. Smith said where was all the Raptors fans after halftime? Losing has a way for everyone to turn away and change the subject.

The subject can’t change win 4 games and become the NBA champions. Warriors clearly know how to adjust after a loss. Now can the Raptors adjust and take game 3?

Raptors aren’t out of this series. It’s only 1-1. I know the home court advantage is set up 2 home games, 3 away games and finally 2 home games.

But you’ve just got to focus on the next one. Warriors are at home and could take a 2-1 advantage. I say that whoever can get a 2 game advantage will be hard to beat. If only one game separates these teams after every game then the series will progress. Neither team can win the series in the next game. But every game tells the story.

Raptors performance in game 3 does matter if they can’t respond with a win they’ve got to win the 2nd game at the Warriors. That’s when the Warriors will have a 2 game advantage. Raptors have to win at least 1 game in the next 3 games. Warriors can win 3 straight and shut everyone up until next season.